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Medical Aesthetics Certification

classAs medical aesthetics become more popular, many aestheticians, nurses and physicians are seeking to expand their roles by implementing medical aesthetic programs in their practices. More over, consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits and are demanding the best, driving conventional aesthetics into distinction.

Many aestheticians & nurses are seeking to expand their career by working with a physician. However, the demands of a medical setting are very different from those of a spas. They are required to perform advanced chemical peels with pur acids and skin care procedures. Medical Aestheticians need to understand how to work with therapeutic skin care products & pure acids and select those products that set them apart from others. Paramedical knowledge is extremely crucial in working successfully at this level.

The goal of this Medical Esthetics certification and specialization program is to provide advanced cosmetic and esthetic procedures that improve the appearance within the scope of a nursing, aesthetician or medical practice. To succeed in this emerging exciting field, it requires an entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, determination, and mentoring from those who have the sound knowledge, experience and the skill of teaching.

Biomani Advanced Medical Aesthetics, which is certified by the State of Texas, with its program director Fathi G. Fam, MS, MD, have developed this advanced clinical medical aesthetics certification program that combines the Europian skin care techniques with medical knowledge. This program is designed specifically for the graduates of aesthetic and cosmetology schools, nursing schools and doctors who aspire to be Medical Esthetics Providers or to add medical aesthetics skin care to their current practice. The sequential steps in this program are intended to offer in depth and in detail what you need to reach your desired goal of a thriving practice that provides clinical and medical esthetic cosmetic services, whether in your own salon or medical office. The program is based on real-practice experience tempered with common sense, and is full of valuable lessons based on advanced skin care facts and one-on-one hands-on training on real clients with every day skin conditions from acne to aging. It provides you with personalized guidance in your career’s road to success.

By completeing this program and passing a test, you will be a certified Medical Aesthetician with "M.A.P." behind your name.

Dr. Fathi G. Fam provides you with high level of focused education, with the help of his comprehensive and detailed colored text book  "Principles and Practice of Medical Aesthetics" and quality personalized one-on-one hands-on training on actual clients.

As of May 1st, 2015, We will submit to the board 4 hours of CE that are required to renew your cosmetology/aesthetician license (TX ONLY)