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Medical Aesthetics Certification
Program Schedule

Due to the intensity and seriousness of this program, we limit our classes to 6-10. Our Advanced true medical aesthetics program addresses the various aspects of this emerging field and provides each attendee with focused, no-nonsense medical aesthetics knowledge and precise hands-on, one-on-one, skin care skills.

Class Schedule for
Advanced Medical Aesthetics Certification
Each class is full 7 days
62 hours Offered in Dallas, TX and Irvine, CA
Tuition $3200.00 for Texas & California
(tuition subject to change)

Class Schedule

  2017 2018
January 6 11
March 3 8
May 18 3
July 13 12
September 14 6
Novemberr 2 8


All our students will receive the following free of charge ($800 value

1- Medical Skin Evaluation. 
2- Medical aesthetics skin treatment if you require one and if you wish.
3- Home care products from Biomani.

Further more, they can get the following at a discounted price:

-Restylane @ $450.00 per syringe.($150.00 saving/syringe)
-Botox @ $10.00 a unit ($5.00 saving/unit

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