Biomani Medical Aesthetics Certification

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What do our students say?

comments from June 2011 Class:


SRC      Dallas, TX

The small class, interaction & Hand-on training. I love Dr Fam's Passion for his work, his demand for excellence, accuracy & precision. To me every thing was up to par. Thank you very much for you to share your knowledge with us. The wealth of knowledge and information that Dr Fam has and the ability to bring it to this class. Best education I have ever received.That you can ask any question no matter how stupid it was and he does not make you feel stupid. No matter what you already know you will learn correct way and so much.

DLC       Denton, TX

"I thought the class was great! The combination of studies that Dr Fam has done all over the world and his ability to teach the most up-to-date knowledge and technology to
the class"

"Information is pwer" Dr Fam gave precise, up-to-date and useful practical lessons that enabled me to understand & integrate within my practice. Dr Fam's class gave me the missing link between aestheticians & medical aestheticians. Now I have the pwer to produce & offer expanded therapeutic treatments with supreme confidence.

 Heidi S.       Mesquite, Nivada

"I really enjoyed this course. I feel ready to set up shop and treat clients to cutting edge services. Thank you for being sp patient with us"

Lamar G.       Corpus Christi, TX

"Thank you for all the priceless knowledge. I am very proud to have been part of what you are so proud of"

Katarzyna S     Jemeyca, N.Y.

"Thank you so much for all the things you have done for us. You opened my eyes and now I can help my clients achieve the look they want"

Hong  N.      Sugarland, TX

"Thank you veru much for this course. You really helped me to understand the meaning of aesthetics"

Monica T.        Plano, TX

"Thank you for your endless patience and helping me see my potential"

Courtney H.        Abiline, TX

"Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. I look forward to being able to help people with what I have learned"

Lidia M.C.  Norcross, GA

"Class was great!  Demo was great!"

Marianne Z.        Boston, MA

"Thank you, very nice class"

Naaz R.      Reno, NV

"Great Class, Thank you"


Naaz R.      Reno, NV

"Great Class, Thank you"

Janee J.        Chula Vista, CA

" Fabulous class!! Thank you"

Jennifer A.       Honolulu, HI

"Thank you. It was great"

Carney O.            Copiague, NY

"Excellent class"

Elizabeth G.      San Gabriel, CA

"Great presentation. Very informative".

Pat W.      Island Heights, NJ

"Very informative"

Gina H.        Concord, NC

"Great Info"

Saritha R.   Laverne, CA

"Excellent class"





Thanks for everything. You are awsome teacher


You are such an excellent educator and I learned so much in 7 days. Thank you very much for all your knowledge and wisdom you taught us!


This fhas been an extraordinary program in every way ! Thank you so very much for all that you have given us


I have completely enjoyed this class. You have given me something you cannot put a price on


Thanks for an awsome learning experience week. You pushed me to achieve a higher skill level and confidence.


Thank you Dr Fam for the wealth of knowledge. This has been a life changing experience for me..Thanks for your positive energy and total great spirit !